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June 2016 Iniezione

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June 10 - Alfa Romeo Garden Tour

Join us for the 4th Annual NWARC Garden Tour on June 10, 2017. Heronswood Gardens, Kingston, WA, Windcliff Garden, Indianola, WA

This year we will have a special treat! Renowned gardener, Dan Hinkley will guide us on a tour of both his Heronswood and Windcliff Gardens. Dan Hinkley is an American plantsman, garden writer, horticulturist and nurseryman who collects rare and unusual plants from around the world for his gardens. The original garden, Heronswood, is set in a shady glen. The newer Windcliff garden is on the bright, windswept shores of Puget Sound. Each garden has unique collections for its environment.

There will be two routes to get to Kingston on the Kitsap Penninsula. The Seattle group will meet at the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry and then drive the short distance to the Heronswood Garden. A group from the South Sound will meet in Gig Harbor and drive north to Kingston.

The Heronswood tour will begin at 10:00 AM. Later, pre-ordered box lunches will be delivered to a covered picnic area at Heronswood. After the lunch break, we will visit the Windcliff Garden.

The cost is $20.00 for Heronswood and $10.00 for Windcliff. You may choose both or either garden to visit. Box lunches will be provided by Market Fresh Catering and will be charged for separately. . Driving directions and lunch menus will be sent upon RSVP to .

June 13 - NWARC Monthly Meeting Wild About Cars

Special Guest: Doug Zaitz, AROC Board Member, President of our neigh- bor chapter to the south, AROO, and all-round knowledgeable car nut.

Come join us on June 13 for a special presentation by one of the travelers from the very recent "AROC-USA Goes To Italy" tour. Doug will have just returned from a few wonderful weeks enjoying the sights, tastes and amazement of beautiful Italy. He was accompanied by a large group of fellow Alfa Romeo club members from across the USA, including a few from NWARC. Stopping at some of the most scenic places, amazing car museums, and even enjoying the Mille Miglia, this was a wonderful trip. Something tells me that a few other fel- low travelers from our club will want to share some experiences as well during Doug's presentation. He may even bring another guest with him with insight both into the trip and also maybe into what it took to bring this trip together.

Remember to bring your dinner, or order in advance and have it delivered. The club will provide water, wine and pretzels and hold a short business meeting during the first part of the evening. This is a good time to hear about the great upcoming events and to ask questions. It’s also a great time to meet new members and visit with the "old" ones.

Remember also to bring your old magazines to exchange with others; it’s better than recycling!

June 30 - NWARC Eighth Annual Pre-Historics Barbecue

Northwest Alfa Romeo Club - Eighth Annual Pre-Historics Barbecue, 3p at the Patiz home, Auburn, WA. On the first day of the Pacific Northwest Historic Races at Pacific Raceways, club members Gary and Marie Patitz.

June 30, July 1,2 - SOVREN Historics and Car Corral - RSVP by June 7

Join the festivities at this year’s Pacific NW Historics by parking your Alfa Romeo in the dedicated club space in the Car Corral. Saturday and Sunday includes lunch time parade laps of the track! Car Club Registration is limited to a max of 20 cars per day. Deadline for your registration is June 10th but can close earlier if the overall car maximum is reached.

To sign up use the form in the June Ineizione.

July 29, - Viva Italia Car Show

Enjoy the passion that is Italian cars and motrocycles. Open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to all Italian cars and motorcycles. No charge entry, come or go as your schedule allows. Food and money donations gladly accepted for the Maltby Food Bank.

Where: Saint Edward State Park, 14445 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore WA 98028

August 20-21 - Solar Eclipse Tour - RSVP Required!!

Have you ever experienced a total eclipse? Daylight into a moonless night and then back to day again in a 3- hour period. The last eclipse in the area was in 1979 passing over Portland and parts of Eastern Washington. Sadly, it was a heavy overcast which is typical on a late February day. This time, it’s coming by during our driest time of the year so chances are great we’ll see the full effect.

From where we plan to drive, the eclipse will gradually plunge into total darkness for 2 minutes and 2 seconds with what looks like a ring of fire around the black silhouette of the moon, known as a corona. Though it requires special glasses (I'll provide these) to watch the moons gradual 1.5 hour progression across in front of the sun, the 2 minute portion of total eclipse can be viewed normally without eye protection.

Our plan is to leave the Southcenter Mall area around 10 AM on Sunday, August 20, driving pleasant roads south and stopping at the LeMay Foundation for a group tour. Bring a sack lunch for this stop. Next, we drive backroads down to Vancouver, WA where we’ll stay at a hotel for the night. Getting up early the next morning for breakfast, we’ll be on the road around 8 AM following US Hwy 26 as it heads south east across Oregon. Traffic may be slow with many people heading to the same event we’re going to. We should arrive in Madras, watch the last of the darkening process, then the total eclipse at noon, and some of the lightening. As this will be lunchtime, we’ll eat a provided lunch while we watch it get lighter. Traffic will be an equal challenge heading back to Vancouver but once we enter Washington, we’ll follow a somewhat differ- ent scenic route back up north towards Seattle. In all, its 600 miles round-trip.

I’ve reserved rooms at the Holiday Inn Express at Salmon Creek Vancouver, WA. You’ll need to reserve a room by either calling them at (360) 576-1040 and asking for a room in the "Alfa Romeo Club Tour" block of rooms. The rates are $119.00 + taxes for the night. They are holding a few rooms for us until July 20. After that, any rooms not reserved will be released. Please also and I’ll be able to create a route guide for you and share the starting point. This is a rare chance to see something almost as cool as an Alfa Romeo and a wee bit more natural.

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